• YGDJ Series Elbow & Pipe Single-End Beveling Machine is designed for beveling, facing, boring, deburring and chamfering heavy wall thickness and large diameter elbows and pipes with size 1/2’’ – 70’’, max thickness SCH160. This series machines have features of unique design, compact structure, good appearance and convenient to operate.

     Main features are as follows:

    1.The CNC pipe beveling and chamfering machine is developed with both radial and axial feeding, which is suitable for machining tougher material like stainless steel,

        duplex or super duplex and alloy steel etc.

    2.The CNC machine can cut the metal pipe from outside down to inside, the heavy thickness pipe can be machined without changing tools during the process.

    3.The cutting chuck with cutting bits can be programmed in the CNC system for required angles and shapes. The pipe can be clamped by hydraulic jigs automatically.

    4.A special beveling type like “J”, “V”, “U” or other complicated groove beveling requirement is also available.

    5.Added recycle water cooling system increases the life of machining tools.

    6.Independent servo motor driving can ensure precision feeding and retracting by presetting data through touch screen.

    7.An automatically conveyor can be equipped with lifting and lowering function for the conveniently adjusting the center height of pipes.