• YRT-W Series Induction Elbow and Pipe Bending Machine is not only designed for manufacturing LR&SR elbows, but also for bending pipes with large various radius of carbon steel and alloy steel with heating system KGPS. These machines are used to produce pipe fittings for Petrochemical, Electricity, and City Construction etc.


    Main features are as follows:

    1. The machine frame is constructed with high strong steel; it has good features of high stability and reliability, economic space occupation and easy installation.

        The easy operation and strong versatility guarantees high-quality of pipe fittings and reduce the labor intensity.

    2. The perfect application of electric system and hydraulic system to achieve high quality and efficiency.

         The machine can manufacture various diameters of elbows and bending pipes by KGPS equipment,

          which ensures constant processing speed and accurate bending radius.

    3. These machines adopt high-accuracy milling design and moved cross beam with slide rail, which increase the precision and decreases the abrasion of the glide plane.

    4. Hydraulic stepless speed control of material feeding, auto-clamping, auto open & close of the gate and hydraulic adjustment of the

        moving arm make the machine in high automatic level.

    5. Machine capacity:

        a、Range of bending size: Ø25mm-Ø1524mm(1" to 60").

        b、Range of wall thickness:5mm-120mm.

        c、Range of bending radius:1.5D-10D.

        d、Range of bending degree:0-180 deg.