• YRT Series Elbow Hot Forming Machine is mainly designed for manufacturing SR&LR elbows of carbon steel and alloy steel with diameter from 1/2" to 56". These elbows are widely used for connecting pipelines in industries of Petrochemical, Oil and Gas pipeline, Electricity and Foods etc.


    Main features are as follows:

    1. Induction hot forming machine is designed and manufactured in strong steel integral framework,

        which makes the machines in good appearance, stable performance and high stability.

    2. These machines have individual power system, electrical system and PLC centralized control system.

    3. There’re two kinds of heating methods to choose: IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) and KGPS.

    4. High conversion efficiency more than 97.5% Saving more than 15% - 30% compared with SCR technology capacitor: high power factor-more than 0.95.

    5. The application of hydraulic stepless speed control helps to realize fast material-feeding, easy operation and mass production.

    6. The recycle water cooling system adopt Stainless steel DI water tank and connector to avoid scaling and clog in the water pipe.